Solar Panels and Your Home

If you have already bought or are thinking of purchasing some solar panels of your very own, you are making an important statement to the world. You’re essentially saying two things when you commit to using solar energy: You decide to stop contributing to the world’s energy problem, and you begin being a little more self-sufficient by generating your very own power using nothing but solar panels and the light from the sun.

This might be an exciting prospect, especially when you begin thinking about how much money you might save in comparison to being hooked up to the grid. However, if you have never set up solar panels before, you might be feeling a little confused and not quite sure where to begin.

Not to worry, because it is a lot simpler of a process than you might think at first.

Setting Up Your Solar Panels

The first thing you’re going to need to do is make sure you have the right equipment. You should have your solar panels, a charge controller, an inverter, and a battery.

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You should charge up your batteries to make sure they are good to go. You can begin setting your panels where you like them while the batteries charge. When charged, you will want to place the batteries in a container with the positive and negative terminals in the right positions.

You will then want to connect the power inverter along with the charge controller to the batteries you have set up in the container. Turn off the inverter, and ensure nothing is connected to the panels just yet. Finally, all that if left for you to do is connect your panels to the controller, power up the inverter, and test to see if it works.

If so, celebrate! You did it!

That is just about all that is needed in terms of setting your panels up and getting them going. You will find with enough research and understanding about how a solar power setup works that should be pretty straightforward, but if you are unsure of the process and want a professional to handle it, you’ll be happy to know it can be done. Just get in touch with local electrician charleston wv experts who will be glad to help you get your solar panels up and running.